-Band Aids-

Band aids on bullet holes
won't hold
the blood back
from the gashes
of past attacks.
We are wounded,
broken people,
even we
under the steeple.


We all have issues. Life is complex and messy, not nice and neat. There are no 'quick fixes'.


Art, Michelle Suarez

Michelle Suarez, wife of Marco Suarez who I featured a couple months ago, is quite talented. What a gifted couple! Michelle's pillows are one of a kind, handmade and so unique. And they're made from really great detailed and textured materials. You won't be disappointed! Click HERE to view her Etsy page.


-Age Gauging Mirrors-

Nothing reminds
of how fast
time has passed
like reflective glass.
Age never clearer
than when I peer
into a time-telling mirror.



-Hollow Words-

I believe
what I speak
about the One I follow,
but my speech
is often
empty and hollow.
Shallow actions
don't meet
with the depths
of my belief,
preferring ease
to standing strong
on two feet.
Watered down words
won't mean a thing
if my life
won't reflect
what I truly think,
if my faith and allegiance
hinge on convenience.


This is just me voicing my struggle to put my actions and life in line with what I say I believe. I can definitely be a hypocrite at times. It's easy to say this and that but unless backed up, words can be weak, actions are what speak.


Lyrics By Joe Pug-Hymn #101-From The Album 'Nation Of Heat EP'

Joe Pug's voice sounds so wise and experienced, yet he's only in his early twenties. Enjoy.

and i've come to know the wishlist of my father
i've come to know the shipwrecks where he wished
i've come to wish aloud
among the over-dressed crowd
come to witness now the sinking of the ship
throwing pennies from the seatop next to it

and i've come to roam the forest past the village
with a dozen lazy horses in my cart
i've come here to get high
to do more than just get by
i've come to test the timber of my heart
oh i've come to test the timber of my heart

and i've come
to be untroubled in my seeking
and i've come
to see that nothing is for naught
i've come to reach out blind
to reach forward and behind
for the more I seek the more I'm sought
yeah the more I seek the more I'm sought

and i've come to meet the sheriff and his posse
to offer him the broad side of my jaw
i've come here to get broke
then maybe bum a smoke
we'll go drinking two towns over after all
oh we'll go drinking two towns over after all

and i've come to meet the legendary takers
i've only come to ask them for a lot
oh they say i come with less
than i should rightfully possess
i say the more i buy the more i'm bought
and the more i'm bought the less i cost

and i've come
to take their servants and their surplus
and i've come
to take their raincoats and their speed
i've come to get my fill
to ransack and spill
i've come to take the harvest for the seed
i've come to take the harvest for the seed

and i've come to know the manger that you sleep in
i've come to be the stranger that you keep
i've come from down the road
and my footsteps never slowed
and before we met i knew we'd meet
before we met i knew we'd meet

and i've come here to ignore your cries and heartaches
i've come to closely listen to you sing
i've come here to insist
that i leave here with a kiss
i've come to say exactly what i mean
and i mean so many things

and you've come
to know me stubborn as a butcher
and you've come
to know me thankless as a guest
will you recognize my face
when god's awful grace
strips me of my jacket and my vest
and reveals all the treasure in my chest



Ten black staples
plunged beneath the skin,
fusing as one,
ever slowly
but surely
converging the hatred
and the hater.
Flesh meshing
with bone deep embedded anger.



-Sugar Coated Throat-

These words you spew,
this news
forms a noose
slowly choking me.
Make no excuse
for the truth,
say what you really mean.




Two wolves wage war
within me.
Love and hate
in the same cage.
panting for breath,
one long battle
to the death.
With each deed,
one takes the lead.
Which wolf will win?
The one I continue to feed.



Art, Tom Lane aka Ginger Monkey

Tom Lane, also known as 'Ginger Monkey' is incredibly talented. Check out his WEBSITE to see his design, illustrations and more.



His lies and deceit
repeat the defeat
of her trust.
Broken eyes leak
from three weeks
in a deep weep.
Invisible bars
keep her inside
as what-if scenarios
play over in her mind.



-Inward Autumn-

Dry leaves crunch
under the weight
of weary shoes.
forward steps
through the steep of the hill
and the slope of the glen.
November's weather
and brownish hues
move me towards
righting wrongs
and moving on.
Seasons come
seasons go,
some with warmth
some with snow.


Although I wrote this in the summer, it felt like autumn in my mind - Reflective, contemplative and somber.


Lyrics By Bon Iver-Flume-From The Album 'For Emma, Forever Ago'

I've been so in love with this album since it came out. The unique sound and the mood just does something to me. It sets a small burning fire in my chest, keeping me warm deep down no matter the cold or darkness I may be surrounded by. It is without a doubt, my most wanted album on vinyl.

I am my mother's only one
It's enough
I wear my garment so it shows
Now you know

Only love is all maroon
Gluey feathers on a flume
Sky is womb and she's the moon

I am my mother on the wall, with us all
I move in water, shore to shore;
Nothing's more

Only love is all maroon
Lapping lakes like leary loons
Leaving rope burns --
Reddish ruse

Only love is all maroon
Gluey feathers on a flume
Sky is womb and she's the moon


-What If-

What if
the intents of our minds
were displayed
in newspaper headlines?

What if
our past failures
were pasted
on ten thousand highway billboards?

What if
the darkness of our hearts
were put on a hard drive
and converted to video images,
seen by cities and villages
through television broadcasts
viewed by the masses?

If everyone's insides
were outside
for all to see
we might behave
quite differently.