With just a few words,
a line of
nouns and verbs
strung together by the devil on your shoulder,
whispering into your ear,
drunk on pride
like you've had too many beers.
words that go out
are more like spears
and knives
they spring up from the content of what's inside
of your heart.
Your mouth throwing dart after dart
at the target of the heart
of your brother.


-I wrote this just thinking of how rude and hurtful I've been with people in the past. And also how hurtful people have been to me at times. We can be capable of some really degrading words sometimes, words that can cut deep and take time to heal.


Susannah said...

'words that go out
are more like spears
and knives'

I think we have all experienced that at some time as both the giver and receiver of them.

Really expressive and nicely written. :-)

be not blind said...

Thanks for reading and for the comment. :) I really appreciate it.