Miniature scientist men
snuck through the cobweb canyons of my mind,
lacing veins full of venom.
Purple serum poison
coursed through the pipeline
to the decision making main frame.
Tiny evil blimps
dropped bombs in my brain
to destroy the righteous doves that remained,
until I strained no more
giving in to the slow

I am a calculating killer commando
firing shots from my self righteous rifle.
My reputation piercing rounds
rip holes
in innocent souls.
I am a menacing mercenary
marching with pride
under false disguise.
I am a verbal assault samurai
wielding words like warrior swords.
I am a mind's eye murderer
taking lives in my spare time
with judgment in my eye.
I am a lowly snake.
I'll swallow you whole
with no control.
No questions,
no judge or jury,
no sentence or parole,
just a slippery fall
into my stomach walls.
I am a heartless vulcher.
I am a ruthless jackal.
My sharpened tongue slashes
and gashes your chest.
It rips your lungs wide,
takes your breath and pride.
With labored breathing you look to my face
hoping for an ounce
of mercy,
finding no trace,
for kindness never comes from darkened eyes.
Instead jagged jaws fall
with sledgehammer strength,
clamping and crushing,
slicing and dicing your flesh.
Teeth tear skin from brittle bone,
marrow exposed,
stench festers
from gaping holes.
Finally the scaffolding of your legs
crumple lifeless and fold
under the two ton weight of hate.


This is probably my darkest writing.


Susannah said...

Wow, that is powerful and the last line sums it up perfectly.

There are a couple of my poems that you may like - (you will have to copy and paste.)



Anonymous said...

This is stunning.

be not blind said...

-Hyde- is one of my darker poems, but it needed to come out. Thanks so much for the compliments.

Author said...

Like Susanah said, it is a very powerful poem. The impact is huge.
I like the way you write.
Looking forward to reading more of your poems.
Keep it going;)

be not blind said...

To (Author), thank you so much for following me and for the compliment! It means a lot. That's why I have this blog, to get feedback. :)

J. Tabithia said...

I think this is a potential side to every person. Most people simply hide their Hyde, no pun intended. :)
Have you ever read any of Stephen R. Donaldson's works, in particular The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant? He's not for everyone but his works in my opinion are amazing. He really delves deep into the human soul and explores the potential for good and evil within an individual. You might like him.

be not blind said...

Thanks J. Tabithia! I will check out Stephen R. Donaldson soon. Thanks again for the comment!