-Plastic Figurines-

Toy soldiers don't bleed.
No need
to repair
their tiny plastic
legs and arms
after pretend warfare.

Toy soldiers don't grieve.
don't weep on sleeves
of fellow families.

Toy soldiers don't die.
No twenty-one gun salute.
No black suits.
No folded flag burial
or half mast memorial.

toy soldiers don't die,
or bleed
like real life
army and marines.
this is not playtime
this is not make believe.



Susannah said...

I like this one.

I wonder how all the childhood playtime with soldiers and war like video games affect our inner interpretation of the real life truth?

Nice writing - well observed.

Singer said...

"this is not playtime
this is not make believe."

nice writing.

Robert Lloyd said...

"Toy soldiers don't grieve.
don't weep on sleeves
of fellow families."

Sometimes I wonder if peopel are the same as these toy soldiers...Sad poem but thought provoking and good.

be not blind said...

Susannah, Singer and Robert Lloyd, thank you for all of your insightful comments. I appreciate it.

Matt D said...

This is all too true. Well spoken.

Speckled Thoughts said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Quite a few men in our family serve or have served. My Dad is a veteran. This stole my breath.

be not blind said...

Matt D, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Speckled Thoughts, I'm happy to have made someone feel something. That makes writing worth while. .I am not in the military, but I seriously considered it several years ago. I have SO much respect for those who serve and their families who support them. I just wanted to write something WITHOUT a political view on war, simply stating my appreciation. ..Sorry for the ramble. :)