I'm a stalker,
a night walker.
Strolling the city streets
while most folks
sleep between the sheets.
I roam the empty roads
and I know
I'm so alone.
The midnight moon cackles
as I make my way home.
I kick a small stone,
still feeling so alone.



Susannah said...

I LOVE the rhythm of this one! Do you read them aloud? this would really work well spoken (or rapped even) to enhance that beat!

(I'm looking forward to the poems about the Sea) ;-)

Singer said...

Nice one.

be not blind said...

Thanks. ..I do love some good rhythm! But honestly, I don't take too much time writing or thinking about structure. -(Maybe I should) I usually just let something build up in my mind for a while and then it 'spews out'. I don't even really revise them. And I think some spoken word is really great, but I haven't gotten into it myself yet. And rap, ...actually there are a handful of hip hop/rap artists that really inspire me.

Susannah said...

I am the same, I don't think about my poems or structure or anything to do with them! :-) I don't edit either, I just let it pour straight from my subconscious into the blog post.

I think that is the best type of writing, it has some soul, some feeling, if it is too 'thought about' it becomes a dry intellectual exercise! Of course that is just my opinion. lol

Just do what you're doing, it has got energy and charge - it is alive!

be not blind said...

Yes, I agree that it can become an 'intellectual exercise' if the writer over thinks it. Spontaneity is probably best.