-The Shroud-

Perfection deception is a game of hide and seek.
No one sees me,
I'm up in a tree
donning a disguise of fig leaves.
I drape a camouflage cloak
to conceal my dark desires,
and cover my face
with a colorful mask
and ask
that no one look deeper.
Smoke and mirrors
make me appear
to my trusting peers,
who I fear.
And for fear of man
I fashioned a fortress
down in the forgotten caverns
of my chest,
with walls a mile high
on all sides,
true self silenced
and sentenced to die inside.
I work tirelessly
crafting concrete prison cells
to contain
greed, envy
lust and hate
from nearing the gate
and escaping in the form
of honest words,
adjectives and verbs.
And in the darkest dripping dungeon
a titanium lock holds tight
the iron chains
to bind and constrain
the pain,
of half living
half lying
only showing
what I'm comfortable
with others knowing.
And when I lay down at night
you might
hear a low
painful groan.
For I would rather die
than display my true self.
And I do die
from the struggle
of dark deeds covered
for no one to see.


This is about how at times I fall into this fear of judgment from people. I toil and strive desperately to sweep everything I can under the rug of my outer facade. Why do I want people to think I'm perfect?


Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff

be not blind said...

Thanks Phoenix. I appreciate the feedback.

Alexis Hallum said...

Wow, I've got chills brewing, still! You've got a very beautiful gift.
Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing this.