-Zero Celsius-

A heart with the absence of heat
is hard to beat.
The cardiac-land of ice lakes
skill to survive.
Every decision and step
means possible death
on the zigzag cracks
of frozen glass.
Falling means frigid water
pumping ice into your veins.
Your running blood cells will trip
and stumble to a slow drip.
You need a scarf and coat
for your arms and throat.
Or biting wind
will nick your skin
with cold cutting ice
making razor blade slices.

...Can you survive
in your own frozen heart of hate?
Or will the cold
take hold?
You can't live in that climate
with no fire and wood...

I think your heart
will stay frozen for good.


Having grown up in Wisconsin, I've spent many winters in ridiculous COLD - teeth chattering, trying to stay warm, can't feel your hands or toes. ...I've also been guilty of having a pretty hard heart at times.

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alanna. said...

I really appreciate all of the different ways this can be interpreted - literally and emotionally. At the same time, this reminds me of home.. and I miss home. Thanks for posting it. xo